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Just changed this journal and blogger's style. I feel like being reborn lol but still no urge to make the power point for tomorrow's presentation. Totally not an easy class but... gaaaah!!!

Anyway, for the blogger I only changed the background because the background from the previous style I used suddenly gone. Probably is because the maker makes their work not free again so... glad I found a compatible background~! Want to change wordpress's style too but too lazy to find out how to. hehe

Now listening to Nintama's drama cd.

I'm soooooooo into Saburou and Raizou~ They're so lovey dovey. Sometimes they fought or got depressed because of 'uncertain' reason. lol

  • Raizou got depressed when Saburou stopped disguising him, and somehow Saburou felt bad too.

  • Raizou got mad at Saburou because he made fun of him with the disguise. When Saburou apologized and told him he wont be naughty again, Raizou asked if it's okay to stop being naughty (oh you're too!)

I think of one other reason but I forgot well :(
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Since I'm redownloading everything, making this to make it easier~

Taken from Tenimyu wikia.

After redownloading lots of anime especially the old ones (One Piece, Naruto, Tenipuri, KHR, Eyeshield 21,etc)... hmmm I almost say Tenipuri is the hardest, because I MUST collect the chara songs and Tenimyu too. Hm.. Now that I think again, One Piece and Naruto are hard too... because it's not easy to find the seiyuu's event (there aren't so many tho), and their game's playthrough because most of their game has original story. As for One Piece and Naruto it's more like it took a lot of times when Tenipuri is hard. It's different... Well, then Tenipuri is the hardest isn't it? What am I talking about. X'D Whatever it's, it's for fun so~

Ah the hardest must be the very old one like Shaman King, Fushigi Yuugi, Captain Tsubasa, etc. Finding the anime itself took some times X'D


It's been four month since my last post so I need to post something~

What I do recently is... watching Gintama's newest episode yesterday. I usually get all the anime in Saturday and Sunday so I forgot none of them. But yesterday, when I lurked on twitter, when I peeked on the world trend (mine is Japan's trend), I found funny trends! #gintama, 黒子野, タスケ, キセキの世代 and 小野賢 which I know I believe that Gintama's newest episode aired. I didn't know how the story goes but I know there must be a Kuroko parody. Eureka! I couldn't help enjoying it so much. Even OnoKen himself was there XD These cracked myself XD

The trending topic at that time.

(TRANS) I'm Ono Kensho, playing as Kurokono Tasuke.


(no subject)

Woah, the last time I write in this blog is September? That's four months already! And I wasn't legally finished my school at that time~ Didn't even finish my school yet I think. I finished my undergraduate degree at 30 September and the graduation ceremony was November. Anyway, it had been a long time~

Yowamushi Pedal 2nd season started! Before, I watched them real time, but this season I don't. No reason. Maybe because I already knew the end... not the end, who wins and how. Of course because I read the manga. But, still, I'm excited to see the C Part. XD Kuroko no Basket 3rd season started too. I watched season one, season two I haven't yet, season three I think I will. Akashi Seijuuro, he is the cause. A friend of mine said that she has been reading plenty of Kurobasu fics and I decided to read some too. I thought I will enjoy AoKuro as much as I enjoy ZoLu, but I'm wrong. I fell for Akashi instantly and enjoy AkaKuro as much as I enjoy LawLu. Is it because the person behind Akashi and Law, I don't know. But yes I enjoy them, now. It may change someday, who knows. I don't know about Kurobasu, but there is still Kidd. Haha :D

Btw, my blogger seems to get weird... The header wont load. Some of the pictures in some posts wont load too. I thought it was because of my connection but when I checked it wasn't. I wonder why. I hope blogger will fix anything happened soon :(

Hello My Gomu Brother!

I think I haven't post anything about how I moved to One Piece again? kkkk Yes I did. I started to follow One Piece until the newest since months ago. If I'm not wrong, right after Yowapeda finished it's 1st season. And what? After I got used to green haired chara for Morikubo, in this season including One Piece (which aired at all seasons), he appeared again as green haired characters. First as Katsura in Bakumatsu Rock and second as Bartolomeo the human eater in One Piece. Fortunately I love all the those chara~

Nah, now that I follow One Piece again, of course it's all about doujinshi and fanfiction. I always like Luffy centric and I'm glad I still am. Now Law x Luffy is in the list. :) Unfortunately it's still not easy to find their doujin. I can only find some of the Chinese translated ones. Well, since most are R18, it doesn't really bother me. kkkkk And talking about R18 LawLu doujin, of course it's about YUMIYA. I really like not only the art but also the story. Luffy's bitchy part that YUMIYA draw is really good I can say. I wish I can get some of her doujin. :')  There are still some favorite fanartist but I forgot their name. There are a lot actually! I wonder where to get One Piece uke Luffy doujin. List of them. In any language is fine. :')

Now I'm in the middle of playing Naruto's PS3 game. Actually it was my cousins who likes to play them. They play the battle not the advanture tho. Then because there were only the two of us today, we played the advanture and played it together. lol When it was time to fight my cousin played it and when it was time to sync the button it was me. So we exchanged the joy stick as fast as possible and got excited. It's been awhile since the last time I played this kind of game. It got me excited. I can't believe it! Even more it's Naruto. I haven't read or watch the newest Naruto. Now I think I'm going to take my time and read them~ kkk


Since I use this blog a lot lately, I think I need to post something here~ Semester 8th started, this should be my last semester before graduation. I still have time to enjoy myself with anime, manga, drama CD, and musical. Well, they help a lot to my studies so why not :)

I've been into Yowamushi Pedal since this year. The manga, anime, and butai are all very enjoyable! The main character is a cutie with a rounded head, big eyes, and round megane. Also there are lots of couple I can ship. That's the main point! XD But the story is really interesting. Once you start, you can't stop, especially when Interhigh started. I read the manga all day all night, just can't stop it. Ah, right. I wanted to listing my favorite pairings. Mostly Onoda centric~

  • Toudou x Makishima

  • Imaizumi x Onoda

  • Naruko x Onoda

  • Manami x Onoda

  • Midousuji x Onoda

  • Arakita x Onoda

  • Kaburagi x Onoda (first year guy from Shohoku. New character after the 3rd year graduated)

  • Komori x Onoda (I forgot his name actually. A first year from Kyoto Fushimi, Midousuji's kouhai)

  • Aoyagi x Teshima

My most favorite is the one that I bold, but I enjoy seeing the other as well~

[PERSONAL] Some Post

Bah~ I now use this Lj more instead my favorite that I used to use, stupidasxce . And this blog is used to be a RP blog. But I stop RP-ing after I came back to Japan fandom. I have lots of blog. I update mainly at my blogspot. Well, I only update about my personal life which are mostly about anime, manga, drama cd, etc. I also like to draw. I posted them at my DA as stupidasxce and also at pixiv~ Please check them out~ XD

I love seiyuu, anime, manga, drama cd, and game *though I don't play them :9*

My favorite Seiyuu are:
Hirakawa Daisuke: First known him from a BLCD, ZE. Which he play as my favorite character, Himi~! I prefer him as uke but of course I love him as seme too. And that's why I like Kichiku Megane!! XDDD He seme-ing and uke-ing himself~
Yusa Kouji: First know him from a BLCD too, Hanafurirou series. From all the series this is my favourite~
Suwabe Junichi: My first love seiyuu! I love him honestly because of Atobe!~ He sings so fine and he suit Atobe's personality so much! I first thought he will never be an uke but I'm wrong after I watched Inaba. SO WRONG! LOL

My favourite anime, manga, drama CD, and game are a lot~ Just ask me, maybe we have something in common :3 Well, mostly will be BL, shounen ai, and josei which have lots of hints. kekeke

Nice to meet you~

Double Dream

Untitled-1 copy

Playing this game recently. This is a game only for mobile phone, android, and iphone. Not a game you need to download, you played it in web browser. It's between otoge and soft blgame as I see. We can choose to play as a male or female. As for female lead, there'll be love relationship, as for male lead, there'll be friendship relationship. You call it friendship but, try to play it yourself if you like to. -w- kkkk of course I like it! XD

He is the male lead. There isn't any picture for the female lead tho.

A Random Thing to Write

It's been a very loooooong time since the last time I wrote in livejournal either it was here nor my other accounts. I actually want to write something in my blogger account but I decided to write something here first, since I don't know yet what to write there. I lately got some way to draw again. I kinda fell before. All because all I felt are jealousy to my friends who are very good at drawing. Now I'm feeling better somehow. Especially after the project my university has for all the students, it's a project where you were sent to a very small village as a group from different faculties, living with them even though we didn't know each other. That's the point though. It was fun but stressful at the same time. Nevertheless I enjoy it a bit. :)

I tried to write some stories but I think I get a writer block. It always stopped in first paragraph. After that I don't know what and how to write. It's like I forget every words I ever learn. I actually want to have a writing class or someone that can give me a theme for a story. Agh... That's all. I just want to try out writing in Lj again. :D

2 Junseung fanarts~

Been awhile. I really want to post my fanarts here and then the community but.. Maybe my draw is really bad.. ;~; heol I don't know what to do with it. 

Well... I will just post some then. I post this at tumblr as chiakiasl and at deviantart as stupidasxce. Please take a look sometimes~ ^^
Both are Junseung. And both are my favorite~ ;w;

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